I like well built storylines and tons of chemistry, and that's why I should stop watching GG. Stupid addicting show. Anyway, I like Dair (despite everything)
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Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

I'm too happy to write a coherent comment. Just fangirling. And reading a positive review makes me even more giddy than I already am.


Blair looks like she's on crack

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Backup Dan"

TVF ships Dair hard!Even tho I must admit that I feel a bit like Eric, I'm scared writers won't give Dair a real shot.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

I'll always mourn them failing to explore Nate and Jenny.

Nenny. I'm so fucking pissed to writers for not exploring them. They could have been my favourite couple together with Chair at that time.

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Dare to Dair?

OMG OMG OMG OMG ampersandstars updated You and I are a story that never gets told! OMG OMG OMG


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Derena as endgame?

Of course Derena is endgame. Do we really need to discuss this?

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