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I totally agree with you M. I have read somewhere, that after their break up, Chuck still loves her n will make it impossible for her to date other guys and you know how Chuck is when he's jealous. Now that, will be interesting to watch.. but i SWEAR when they will, i will cry!!:'( but i am a little at ease now when Stephanie said that 1) it's NOT the end of their relationship and 2) they will find their way back to each other. So they will get back together! but i can't wait that long!:(


@ sophieloveschuck lol:)) i would seriously turn my tv off if that happened. But, at least we can breathe calmly that that is NOT.. NO WAY IN HELL gonna happen. BUTTT, the ONLY reason im not completely freaking out of my mind right now.. is bcz there has got to be something more to their break up.. and i know that they're gonna be toether again and more stronger than ever... but i really hope that by the end of the season, they will be OR they will reconnect with each other in Season 4 ... n plz in season 4 ..DONT U DARE DRAG THE RECONCILIATION in season 4 WRITERS!! make it ASAP! ... even though they won't see this.


We have how many? 2 episodes left until the Empire Strikes Jack...then we'll find out. Anyways, (just a thought)- maybe jackass will use his 'Mommy' to steal his hotel...then after losing it he fights with his mommy, and after still losing the battle... jackass will propose something to get it back, and it involves Blair. So obviously Chuck agrees and so on... i dunno ( I REALLY HOPE IM WRONG)!

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Chuck Bass...You broke my Heart (Spoilers)

Do u guys remeber that poster with the limo scene of chair n the the words( an affair to remeber or forget?) do u really think that is wat they meant by that promo poster? N now this spoilerr with chuck with amnesia??? Damn u JS n SS!!!

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SPOILER- SEASON 4 (Spoilers)

Damn these writers to hell!!!! the finale really broke my heart n i was really scared to watch it!!!:'( n damn u jenny... to worse depths the HELL!!! but, GOD what a cliff-hanger. I'm not sure how this amnesia thing will play out... but i really hope that he really did lose his memory instead of role-play n with the new bitch! New identity n changed man? Just wat r u trying to do SS and JS?!

I really don't know wat to expect from season 4....with us chair fans struggling over the summer.

Although, how does he end up in paris? really? unless the new bitch figures out who he really is n tries to take advantage of that by posing as his gf while he has no idea who she is.

I can just imagine it, blair sees chuck, walks up to him , asks him wat the hell r u doing in paris n he looks at her in confusion n says im sorry, do i know u? god, really heart breaking!

guess we'll just hv to find something distracting over summer to keep our minds off GG n wait till Sept.

ps. i wonder how b will react to 1) chuck shot  2)amnesia and 3) new man.  Tres interesant non? :p

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Chuck and Blair Fans, Keep the Faith! News from e! (Spoilers)

 oh and rgv...i liked your analysis on Chuck.

Even though what he did to Blair is completely disgusting , i don't hate him ( i am mad) but not hate! and like i said, i do have hope for them ( i will never give up on them) but not completely bcz i don't fully trust Josh and now Stephanie. LOVE CHAIR <3

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