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Top Chef Review: Welcome Back, All-Stars!

As for Brian and Kevin they were asked back..Bravo even tried talking them into doing it again but both declined their offer..Brian is too busy with his new restaurant to take off another 6 weeks and Kevin feels in his mind he is already a star and is happy with where he is right now Also I liked Elia more than Stephan but do feel the judges made the correct decision. As a chef you must taste and check your food prior to sending it out..she did neither and said as much so had no clue the quality of her product and sent out raw fish with little taste. I would prefer a meal that didn't taste good..I just wouldn't order it or go back if it was that bad but to be served something raw that should be cooked is as much a deal breaker to me as serving something burnt.
Rooting for Angelo, Fabio or Carla..I really like Dale L also and tho I feel he is a great chef am not sure he can beat out some of the others but most of them are ok..just hoping against Richard, Marcel and Jaimie..I've just never cared for them or their attitude