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Criminal Minds Review: The Other Side?

I enjoyed this episode immensely. Seeing Rossi's dilemma about his ex-wife gave new depth to the man and the last scene at the cemetary was heart-wrenching. The case was fascinating and hearing Reid and Prentiss mention their death experiences was good in bringing back past circumstances. It is good to remember that we are who we are from what happens to us in the past. I am getting irritated more by Prentiss though. She has never been a favorite character of mine and it seems that now that she is back she is a better profiler than she was before. She seems to be more attuned to others and less self-absorbed. It seems OOC for me about her now. She is getting way too much screen time and it makes the show slightly less good. I want to see less of her and in the teams role as before not as a confidante or better profiler than she used to be. I liked that she asked the simple questions and was more of a tough, wise-ass.
There was not enough of Morgan or Hotch in this episode.