The one thing that you need to know about me is that I LIKE LOVE and Adore Chuck and Blair! They are my favorite characters on Gossip Girl. they are the whole reason i watch the show!  Also i can't get enough of Ed Westwick. he's just so hot!! I consider myself a little obsessed over him cause of how many pictures of him i have on my computer. (it's strange and creepy i know) i think he's the only celebrity i will freak out over like a fan girl. oh and thats another thing I'm a Teenage Girl. i just can can't wait for season 3. i'm just wandering how chuck and blair relationship will turn out. >:3 X.O.X.O. >.< 
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...............ok out of all of you. i bet you my ASS that it was just another pregnancy scare with blair. the reason i say this is because she was way to happy for her to be pregnant! cause for one what i did cause i could not believe that shiz was i rewinded my DVR and pause it right there and it was a minus.... -.- i bet you! she is not pregnant! it was almost a plus but NO! if she is then cool! i wonder what they will do. but i don't believe it!

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no it was confusing but she didn't know that eliot and eric just broke up. there would of been a longer speech if she didn't even KNOW about eliot. but she knew. she just didn't know they just broke up. i actually like the whole plot with eric though. my new fav character since about two years ago.

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lol it's like good we established that lmao

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