i lovee chuck and blair! best couple in tv history
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Gossip Girl Spoilers: A New Obstacle For Dair

you could not have said it better than myself. just like you i have been watching since season 1, chair will always be the number one focus in this show! like you said, they make they show what it is.

Gossip Girl Return Promo: Let Him Live!

chair :)
cant wait for this episodee

Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

and do you guys think blair still lost the baby? or is the baby okay? and someone stole my name :(
o well it just shows that we both have good tastes
again, cant wait!

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and at scorp

chuck scenes without blair:

chuck trying to discover mystery lady from the party. chuck trying to buy and create his club (season 1) chuck and lilly, with chuck saving lilly from jack. chuck with eva in the beginning. chuck and his father where dan writes about his life, they go to jail. chuck at college and getting kidnapped.

there i named alot

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lovvee this thread! love chuck!! without him gossip girl would be nothing

miss his scarf :(

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DB or CS,which couple is more digusting?

its true that things can surpirse me, but i dont think its going to change my opinion about them

for me chair is still awesome and intresting, always will be.

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