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Who did Dan sell out hardest in his book?

Whoever voted for Blair is an idiot. And probably just doing it to spite Dair. He didn't sell her out at all, if you had watched the episode, she was the only one he DIDN'T sell out because he put her up on that pretty little pedestal. Everyone else he offended, no Blair. It just happens that Dan's image of Blair in this book made Louis distrust her.


Dun Dun DUUUUN- is all i shall say

Danessa Pic

Mwahahaha the distraught look on her face says it won't last much longer for Dan and Vanessa. Thank god for that, even Dan Humphrey deserves someone better then her...

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Duck (I may have gone mad)

I woke up two days ago, having not watched a single episode of GG since last year sometime (and with no plans of ever, ever laying my eyes on series 6- though a shot in the dark tells me Chair and Derena), and I wanted Dan and Chuck. And all the awesome hate sex.

Just give it to me. All the fanfiction and weird ass manips.

It doesn't make sense but there are no regrets. Tumblr has made me dependant on slash and this is the result.

I could also go for some Blairena because gpdthatwouldbesohot. And the possibility for gay teenage angst on this show has not been exploited nearly enough.

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crack ships you'd want on GG

Dan and Chuck (the hate sex would be awe inspiring) or Blair and Serena.

This show needs some slash to mix things up.

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The Losing Side.

When I first started watching GG, I always used to try and decide who was 'winning'. As in ships (because let's face it Gossip Girl is essentially one big shipping war) Chair, Dair, Derena, Sernate etc. And sometimes I actually felt my ship was winning. 

But, recently, it feels like, no matter who I decide to ship, I am on the losing side. Or rather everyone is. Bad plot lines accompanied with no character development and repetitive everything just makes me completely despair for this show. (I almost wonder how it is still on air)

It's as if even the best end I could possibly imagine for my OTP at the end of the season would still feel like losing, because the lead up to it was just so abhorrent. 

Now, am I just being melodramatic here, or are even ships the writers are biased towards (ahem Chair) playing an ultimately losing game?


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