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Nobody Does it Better

i think that the only reason they put jenny on this cover and then vanessa on a diff one is cuz well they needeed 2 put v and j on something otherwise it wouldn't be fair.

It Had to Be You

I love chair aand their my fav but sometimes i just like nair. If that makes any sense...

Would I Lie to You

i already have a copy of the book with the old cover but i'd buy another just for this cover....and like a lotta of the other books just for the new covers...

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All Things Chair

REBECCA RAND KIRSHNERSINCLAIR! I FORGOT ALL ABOUT HER! this is kinda random. well i read every single page of this from 1-430 but i never bothered to make an account 2 comment but on page 38 someone cant remember whosaid that the suckish eppies were written by some random person and then i remembered that there was some article i read about this one lady who like wrote eppies 4 the new 90210 and that she'd prolly ruin things for 90210 and gossip girl and then that day which was like a few months ago i looked at the writers 4 gossip girl and it said rebecca rand kirshner sinclair. SHES THE ONE WHO EFFED UP GOSSIP GIRL!

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