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Gossip Girl Spoiler: No More Nate and Jenny?

good because I love N and V together...they're class.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Bart's Brother

To Brittany: kudos to you for creating the possible plot for could happen and the whole season's going to burn with tension... poor chuck...

Blake Lively on Martha Stewart

not quite...i didn't recognize her if it weren't for the post's title..hehe she's better off blonde...nice costume though

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Chuck in Real Life (Season 2)

hmm i've heard Blair's babysitting somebody from Yale i she the 2.0 version? and who's chuck's?


Vee bee, i'd want that. Chuck challenges Blair to seduce him in every episode...super. If that's the theory and proven, i'd fly.


Amy's right, V's just there to add some spice. B and C would get a little boring (i dunno but its impossible with me but couldn't be with you) if it weren't for the medium for the fighting ang make-ups.



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The Serena Also Rises (Season 2)

Seen it! And I have come to realize a few things after the episode:

1. First of all, the episode was lame.

2. Dan can be such an ass. Why does he think people would get so much interest in his life? He's writing about his experiences is he? That's fine, the thing is, a lot of people do not seem to have an interest.

3. Blair's bratty in this episode. I want to see the powerful, manipulative and SMART B. She uses much drama in this episode and that's not who she is. I see B as very cunning.

4. Serena lacks patience. And maybe she's right. She can't hold back just for Blair. Man, she has a life! As for B, get another life. Ditch Serena. Let her be who she is: a big-headed runway freak.

5. Chuck, of all men, is my type. Of all the episodes I've watched in GG, so far this is one of the episodes where the Basstard's stare is repeated over and over again. And that totally drove my time watching the show. The Chuck-Bass Stares were MEAN-ingful! I loved it! Ed Westwick sure knows how to play Chuck's persona. He's a genius at it. Keep the fierce Chuck stare Ed!

6. Blair did her part for Jenny. And it was clear though, that Blair shouldn't have blocked Jenny's plans because 'Its not about both of them' its about her Mom's show. Whatever she did was soooo out of the script supposed to be. I'm so disappointed of this week's episode.

7. Blair, honey, you don't have to outshine Serena. Doesn't mean that just because she outshined you, you can't OUTSMART her. Work out the schemes. A.S.A.P.

8. And Bass. Under those evil daredevil stares is a heart that longs for a father. Poor Chuck. Finding Humphrey might not be as bad as it looks in the middle of this episode, but Dan blew it. Can't he keep his paper some place else?! He's a writer for Pete's sake. Writer's don't carry on things which are too confidential. Now he's hurt Chuck and I don't think that he [chuck] could give out his faith in the Dumpy that easy again.

9. Lily, i do not understand you. Don't you even know your past? now you decided that you tell your kids then all of a sudden you freak out and change plans with the confessions with just a stick of an envelope from Bart Bass's tux?! You might have forgotten a lot about your past Lil.

10. And Rufus, don't be such a kill joy. But I do understand you though, its hard paying for something your kid doesn't need.

11. Blair and Chuck, you need to get back together. Now...and pop Serena's head.

12. Nate, where the hell are you?

13. Blair, deal with Serena's spotlight. Get her off it when the right time comes. Don't bat her with the head. Instead go with the rear and kick her butt. You know what i mean. Plan something that she wouldn't expect. I trust you B. After all, for a lot you're still Queen B.

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The Serena Also Rises (Season 2)

S's independence doesn't have to hurt anybody...most especially B. Cut.

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