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toby is A. oh no!!!

guys, im sorry, but im glad Toby is A.  Im sure they will put some sort of a spin on it, though.  I don't think Garrett or Jenna or Noel has anything to do with the team A.. it's too obvious!

Don't you guys think Nathan came out of no where.  Why was Jenna ONLY warning Emily about Nathan at the very end, why not from the beginning? Nathan said that he thought Jenna saw him, but he only realized that at the end? That didn't make sense.


And is Caleb going to be ok? Caleb and Hannah are my favorite couple!!!

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Guys.. I dont get it.. in the last episode, nathan said "oh i think jenna saw me".. it took the entire 12 episodes.. for nathan to realize that Jenna saw?


and did Nathan drug emily in the very first episode of third season?

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