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OK - Here's what I think. The show has "Jumped the Shark" with this episode and I have pretty much lost respect for a lot of the characters. Yes, I will still watch the show because I want to see the characters killed off. First, Jemma, damn they have really made this woman look ugly over the years or is it she is just aging poorly? I remember how hot she was in Married with Children. Come on makeup people, make her hot again. Or is this the way the character is developing and this is how you want her to look? Now, let's move onto Clay, that sick "F" has got to go, but since he is a star on the show they will keep him there till the show finally ends. Too now know that Clay is behind all these robberies and having his own family and friends beaten up and robbed is just sick. Clay has got to go if this club has a chance to become whole again. Why did they have to kill of Opie? He was like the big teddy bear of the bunch but don't piss him off. It was wrong to kill him off. Tig, this guy needs to go, he's fricken crazy!!! When he shot that innocent lady tonight, I decided to try and hunt down a blog to voice my opinion on everything. As to Jemma sitting in a Bar and some Mother fixation guy appears and this guy is Joel McHale from the TV show "Community" - sorry Joel you have already been type cast and when you walked into that bar looked for a mommy type woman to bump with for tonight I just didn't believe it unless your suppose to be another undercover cop who want's to take down SAMCRO... This killing has become to easy and free and innocent people are being killed off. Bring the show back to what it was or let it end after this season by all of them killing each other off while celebrating at their Christmas party and everyone pulls out a gun and shoots everyone else. The last scene shows everyone dead including Jax and his wife.

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