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It's kind of difficult to see where the whole pregnancy thing is going to go, since Callie wanted a baby, and so did Mark. Now, Lexie just told Mark she loved him and Arizona wants Callie back, and both do not want children, so its not really easy to tell where this is going to end up. Also, if its Callie who's pregnant, there probably won't be a McBaby any time soon, and I don't think there's one person out there who doesn't want to see Meredith pregnant! Hopefully Shonda will help us MerDer fans out in season 8?
I'm sure eventually we will get out McBaby, even if it's not in the near future


Loving 2,3, and 6. 2 and 3 are awesome, they have everyone, which is what the show is all about. 6 is kind of cool, it catches your eye. But all of them are pretty awesome!


@delphincik AGREED! They finish filming episodes 1&2, whats the holdup! But I am glad that the triangle is over,I think that Alex/Izzie are meant to be together, and Mark/Lexie are too!

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Fav songs from season 6 (Music)

There are so many awesome songs, but my top two were...

The Way It Ends - Landon Pigg

Out Of The Dark - Matt Hires


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How many guys watch Grey's Anatomy??? (Fan Fiction)

I thought I only had two guy friend who watched Grey's but I recently found out my...

1.Older brother watches (hes an EMT so he always tells me if they mess up something)

2.2 other guy friends in my mathclass (we had an epic conversation about the finale)

and 3. My uncle has watched since the begining!

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

Meredith to Gary Clark is Death And All His Friends!!!! such an itense part!!!!!!!!


"Dude... she's Callie O'Malley!"

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