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American Horror Story Review: Murder House

This weeks episode was ok. It didn't stand out like Larry killing that poor kid just because Constance asked him to. Nora killing her husband and herself and trying and failing to kill her baby. The best part was Moira biting off that guys penis lol.

American Horror Story Review: In a Bad Tate

This episode gave some insight with regards to Tate's intentions and his past. I guess he really did go on a killing spree taking out the jocks and a nerd and hood. I think the reason he told Violet he used to come to the beach all the time was after the killings he drowned himself(just a theory). So constance is surrounded by tragedy and death either by her hands or not. Moira got a raw deal because of Constances husband trying to rape her so sad. Who is in that black suit? Whoever it is he's very horny and violent. I'm just glad the dog didn't really get microwaved. I'm so addicted to this show and hope it goes on for a long time.