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Private Practice Promo: "Home Again"

This looks so good! I can't wait to see the place where Addison grew up. And I love that Sam is not giving up on her.


I will miss Audra on the show. She's a great actress and it's a shame they never used her properly. I'm okay with Naomi being gone because she gets on my nerves quite frequently. But it's nice that she may visit as a guest star once in a while.

Private Practice Review: "Heaven Can Wait"

I don't agree with the reviewer on Addison. How is she more self-centered than anyone on this show?? At least she admits her failures and pays for her mistakes. Others, like Naomi, never do.
Also, her relationship with Sam is the only one that she didn't start impulsivly. She tried for months to get over him. There was nothing implusive about it. All in all I liked this episode. The cases weren't very exciting.
I thought Charlotte and Cooper were very sweet.
As were Addison and Sam.
I like that Naomi finally realized that what Addison and Sam have is indeed real and probably going to last. It's time she accepts it. I didn't like that she was so judgmental towards Addison again. She's always like that and I wish just for once Addison would stand up to her and tell her that she isn't Miss Perfect either.
I still don't like Bizzy very much and I'm dreading next week when she's probably going to blame Addison for what happened with Susan.
And I do not believe anything will happen between Dr. Rodriguez and Addison. She made it clear she doesn't want him.