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Private Practice Promo: "Home Again"

This looks so good! I can't wait to see the place where Addison grew up. And I love that Sam is not giving up on her.


I will miss Audra on the show. She's a great actress and it's a shame they never used her properly. I'm okay with Naomi being gone because she gets on my nerves quite frequently. But it's nice that she may visit as a guest star once in a while.

Private Practice Review: "Heaven Can Wait"

I don't agree with the reviewer on Addison. How is she more self-centered than anyone on this show?? At least she admits her failures and pays for her mistakes. Others, like Naomi, never do.
Also, her relationship with Sam is the only one that she didn't start impulsivly. She tried for months to get over him. There was nothing implusive about it. All in all I liked this episode. The cases weren't very exciting.
I thought Charlotte and Cooper were very sweet.
As were Addison and Sam.
I like that Naomi finally realized that what Addison and Sam have is indeed real and probably going to last. It's time she accepts it. I didn't like that she was so judgmental towards Addison again. She's always like that and I wish just for once Addison would stand up to her and tell her that she isn't Miss Perfect either.
I still don't like Bizzy very much and I'm dreading next week when she's probably going to blame Addison for what happened with Susan.
And I do not believe anything will happen between Dr. Rodriguez and Addison. She made it clear she doesn't want him.

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Which Season did you find was the best?? (Episodes)

Hmm... difficult question.

season 1: it was fun to really get to know all the characters and see how they slowly built up their relationships. I liked that. But the season probably was to short to be my favourite.

season 2: I loved Addison, but hated the MerDer drama that she brought with her. George and Meredith had sex... not one of my favourite moments! The Denny-storyline was touching and the episodes surrounding the bomb were awesome! And of course there were the first appearances of Callie and Mark!

season 3: Meredith having to decide between Finn and Derek was BAD. I totally hated that storyline. The Cristina-Burke storyline was okay. I loved the season finale when Burke left Cristina at the church. That was one really moving episode! I hated how Izzie got in the way of Callie and George and how George treated Callie. He should have been honest with her. She really didn't deserve any of that. I loved the "relationship" between Alex and Addison. It was a shame they didn't build on that chemistry between them! I also liked how Alex cared for Rebecca/Ava. He was really growing in that season!

season 4: Contrary to many others, I really liked Erica on the show! I thought she was a great character and I liked her storyline with Callie. I thought they had chemistry. Lexie got on my nerves in season 4. I like her better later on in season 5. The relationship between Izzie and George was horrible! They totally destroyed their friendship for me, which was beautiful until then. The MerDer drama wasn't as bad as before, but the storyline with Rose really was not necessary. But I really loved what Meredith did in the last episode with the candles. That was one touching moment. Rebecca got on my nerves, but I liked how Izzie was a good friend to Alex throughout the "pregnancy"-storyline.

season 5: The first half I didn't really like, but it got better in the end. I love Cristina/Owen and Mark/Lexie. And I'm so glad Alex and Izzie are finally together, though the thing with Denny destroyed some of their moments for me... I love that Meredith and Derek are finally on stable ground in their relationship. I like them so much better when they are happy.

So, I can't really decide which season I like best because all of them had their good and bad moments. But I think if I had to chose, I'd chose season 5 because of the lack of MerDer drama and all the beautiful couples on the show!^^

Okay, I know I only commented on the personal storylines and not the medical cases, but I think their are good and bad ones in each season and ones that are more touching than others...

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Your GA family (Spoilers)

*Person/Guy= Izzie

*Brother/Sisterish person= Izzie, Cristina, Callie

*Soul mate= difficult... probably Alex

*Father figure: the Chief

*Mother figure=Bailey

*Enemy= no one really... I'd get along with all of them, but Meredith would probably get on my nerves

*On call room buddy= Alex or/and Mark ^^

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Best friendships (Relationships)

George and Izzie (before the sex)

Meredith and Cristina

Meredith and Alex

Mark and Callie

Addison and Callie

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