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Criminal Minds Review: Let Me Go ...

I was unhappy with the 'death' of Emily, to say the least. Not having followed along, I wasn't aware of tension on the set, I do hope if Paget is in something else, I can find it! I appreciate that changes are important, but i am never happy with killing someone off, and especially, as has been said, someone so strong to the integrity of the show. I have watched from day one, and love the growth of the characters. I don't have a problem with the new girl, i can see potential for her, but if she's going to stay, they need to mature her faster, grow her up, or the show will lose the edge it has had for so long.
I do agree, i knew something was up when Reid didn't get to see Emily - dead giveaway! On another note - I am not happy with the spinoff - it's too campy and cheesy - i don't like the lead guy - he's too much in the lead, and everything is too simple minded, yet you feel like he's got this insight he shouldn't be able to have given the lack of info. I probably won't continue watching it. Hats off to Matthew's direction of last nites episode - he has a great talent as an actor - good to know he's stretching his wings.