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Damon: Rebekah... I'm flying. I'm flying Rebek...
Rebekah: No, no you're not...


Stefan: Are those real?????
Damon: Ohhh, yeahhhh.


And does anyone else think he is absolutely adorable? :)

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Who are your untouchables?

It's hard to choose because I don't really want any of the main characters to die, but I know that some of them will by the end of it all. I can see a lot of sacrificing themselves for each other between Elena, Stefan, Damon, and also Katherine happening in the long run. And also, Tyler and Caroline and Matt and Caroline.

I honestly think Elena will die at some point. I wouldn't be sad if she was gone forever, but the show is basically all about her so... It just would not be the same.

I would be really sad if Stefan or Damon died, but I am sure one of them will eventually. Also, Jenna, Jeremy, or Alaric. That whole group has gone through enough. Leave them alone. And if Caroline died I would probably scream bloody murder. Also Matt... I just him and Caroline ending up together in the long run.

Katherine is fierce and I love how powerful she is. So obviously I want her around.

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The damahe that the vampires take

Well Katherine was in the tomb for a long time. I am sure that affected her...

Stefan hasn't been drinking blood that long and only little amounts...

And Damon used to just kill people and drink from them instead of drinking from a blood bag...

My point is the amount of blood and source probably affects them. Katherine and Damon were much stronger when they both were killing people and drinking their blood.

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Does Stefan know?

I think the bigger picture is... He killed Jeremy. Damon didn't know about the ring so he really did try to kill him and thought he was successful. I think that is a bigger deal than a half-kiss. We all know it made Elena hate him, but I think it also affected Stefan greatly. I don't think the kinda kiss really even matters after that. The killing is a bigger 'eff up than trying to kiss Elena.

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