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OMG! You almost gave me a heart attack! That was so not funny!


It seemed obvious how the kiss and slap would play out, but after watching this promo it looks like Blair was the one who initiates the kiss. I'm not worried about any Dair spoilers. The only thing out of all this Dair and Blouis fans could be happy about is Chuck letting Blair go. The promo shows that letting go lasts only for a week. It seems quite obvious and Chair is where the story will lead. Why is the baby such an issue? We cant know for certain that Louis is the father. The test report wouldnt have his name on it.

Castle Review: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!

Was I the only one who thought Beckett wasnt looking her best in this episode? Her makeup seemed to be overdone and the hair color is doing nothing for her. Overall she looked tired and old.

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wtf the promo (Spoilers)

I wonder if this is supposed to be the kiss that was spoiled, the one followed by a slap. Should be interesting. I dont know why everyone is so convinced that the baby is Louis's. Even if he read the paternity test report, I doubt it says whether the baby is Chuck's or Louis's. Its likely to be sample 1 and 2 or a and b. Since Blair told him that he is the father, he has no reason to doubt her. On the other hand we did see that scene with Chuck and Blair where Blair seemed to want to say something when she discovered that Chuck kept the dog and was being responsible.

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