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I swore to anyone who would listen that I will not watch be watching 2 1/2 Men now that Charlies gone. But my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself tuning in to the premier. Since then I only watch re-runs of the original, because the show will never be the same without Charlie. I'm a huge Ashton Kutcher fan; I never miss a re-run of That 70's Show. But you can't take a classic program like 2 1/2 men, remove the guy who made it classic, and replace him with someone else. It just doesn't work. We could identify with Charlie because we all know someone (or ARE someone) just like him. He's a screw-up; a hysterically funny, in-your-face, don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks of him screw-up. And that's what we love about him! But who can identify with Ashton? Rich, young, handsome, and married to a gorgeous movie star. Oh ya, I know TONS of people in that boat. I'll feel bad for the rest of the cast when it all comes crashing down, and I truly think it will, but the one person I won't feel bad for is chuckie baby. You let your freakin' ego destroy the best comedy in decades. I would have crawled through broken glass to watch it, and I don't care what Charlie did or said, he WAS 2 1/2 Men. What have you got now chuck? A sad, pathetic resemblance to the original. For christ sake man, what in god's name were you thinking?

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