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Australian fan.  Dair forever. Don't try to convince me otherwise. Loved Chair just as much as Dair until recently. I challenge the writer's to fix my opinion on them.
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Love this entire look!


I really like her, and I didn't mind Olivia too much. Just can't wait for the DVD to come out here in Australia!

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@victoria - she's usually that pale. Her skin is absolutely beautiful IMO :)

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Kaylee Defer to play Lily's neice (Spoilers)

Oh, I like this :)

I hope we get Carol as well, at some point. That could be interesting.

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Anyone here grow up with the GG characters? :)

Yes, I've mostly been the same. I'm not from the US, so the "college" life is quite different.

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where you watch GG.

Where do you watch Gossip Girl?  Do you watch online, or do you watch on TV?

I always watch new episodes online. 

What do you like or dislike most about watching Gossip Girl on TV/on the internet?

The quality of the video/sound is sometimes not exactly ideal, but having it online does mean I can actually see the episode, which is obviously a plus.

Why do you watch Gossip Girl on the technology you choose to?

I live in Australia, where free to air tv is quite behind in the Gossip Girl area. I would prefer to keep up in poor quality online than be so far behind in the show.

And lastly, if you watch GG online, do you think that makes you a more active audience member than you would be on TV?

Not really, no. I mean, it takes only a little extra effort to go online to watch it than it does on tv, and I don't really have a choice if I want to keep up.


Hope that helps, and good luck with the awesome topic :)


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