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OMFG!!!!!OMFG!!! that was amazing who in the heck voted it was just alright! that was SPECTACULAR!! how am i suposed to wait until september!???

One Cute Couple

aww theyr soo cutee i really hope they make it out the season finale cuz i really loved them theyr a great human couple

Miss Mystic Falls Hopeful

wow! she looks great! i love her dress though u would think shed b in blue n elena in green or red but nonetheless she looks fantastic

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Anti-Finale Spoilers Support

i saw it and it waas good in the dramatic standpoint obvs when theres drama u dont neccesarily lik wat happens n thats the case but i think it was a solid episode still

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Last Tango, Then Paris [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

OMG OMG OMG i just watched it I dont even understand wat happened? how could this happen Georgina's pregnant with Dan's baby Chuck getiin shot!!!!



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lol i know what you mean!

like that thread : its official:chuck sells blair out for a night

ya totally i was just scannin through wat ppl were talkin about in forums n then that i was great i didnt need to kno that


Im natefused. Are we talking about the forums or the main GGI website?

first LOL natefused im gona use that now!! well i was talkin about GGI website but the forums i guess too but u cant really do anythin about spoilers in forums so yeah the GGI website

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