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I think the hot hybrid sex will be in a flashback with Tatia ,or Katherine. However it might just turn out to be with Caroline. We know we get a Klaroline scene, so Klaus might have sex with Caroline.

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How come Bonnie doesn't recognize what is real and what is an illusion?
The new women, Caitlin is suppose to be a witch from Shane's past. I wonder if Caitlin is doing something to Bonnie that causes her to ask that way?


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Kol's death (can we discuss this).

I really think Kol is going to die in episode 4X12. However I do not like the idea that Elena is going to ask for Stefan's help. Elena is fully aware that Stefan  is taking comfort in Rebecca right now. So Elena having Jeremy kill Kol seem to be a to be a very self serving selfish move that only serve Elena's purpose, since she knows very well that Klaus would not let Kol harm Jeremy, since Klaus wants the cure as much as she does. ...If you think about it, Elena said she doesn't want the cure if it comes at Jeremy expense. Elena flat out got down on Damon for letting Jeremy kill 10 newbie just made vamps, yet she wants newbie hunter Jeremy to go up against 1000 year old original??  Elena didn't think about killing Kol until Stefan told her she can not see Damon until  Damon is no  longer under Kol's compulsion,or the sire bond is broken  - and killing Kol serves both purposes. So you see Elena is only thinking about herself. She just want to free Damon,and cause trouble between Rebecca and Stefan.  Kol's death is not going to sit right with Rebecca once she find out that Elena is behind it. She likely to go after Elena. If she does, Stefan will likely step in ,and either dagger her/or kill her. 

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Could Shane be Silas? (spoiler )

Does anyone else think Shane might be Silas? 


I think Shane is actual Silas, and the "Cure" might be fake, ( like the sun/Moon curse) to get people to look for Silas's body. Think about Silas wasn't intimadate by Damon,and he wasn't scared by Kol. Shane didn't really try to fight back when Kol attack him. Shane told Kol,and Rebecca that Silas will bring back the people who died helping/defending him,and at the end of the episode, Shane came back. We are suppose to assume it was because of Bonnie's spell, however Bonnie spell link Shane to April, but the bringing them back to life thing could have been Silas. I think Shane is Silas, or rather better yet, Silas is in Professor Shane's body. Silas was a witch so he would likely know how to do the body jump spell that Klaus did with Alaric in season 2,and Esther did to Rebecca in season 3. 


I also think Silas's powers are in the necklace that Stefan gave to Elena. The one that belong to Rebecca, that Bonnie couldn't destroyed in season 3.  The witch Gloria said the necklace has it's own powers. I think that is where Silas powers were,and that is how Esther was able to use the necklace to make the originals.



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murder of one (3x18) spoiler (or foiler)

The spoilers said that someone unexpected saves Klaus's life. I do not think it's Caroline since I think she on the lets kill Klaus band wagon . So maybe it's Fin,Esther ,or Bonnie. Bonnie is doing a spell for Klaus because he threaten someone she loved. So maybe the spell is to break the link between him and his siblings so that if Fin dies, they all don't die. ...or maybe Jeremy saves him. I heard that Jeremy suppose to appear in this episiode ( at the end) but I do not know if that is true.

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