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sammi didnt win at all either time lol anyway it was good just another day at the shore :)

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 42

elena:damon im srry i killed your speacial friend
damon:its ok elena u can be my new special friend this is from the upcoming episode the descent

Look Who Almost Played Stefan Salvatore...

*could thats what i meant

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Dangerous Liaisons

Yea elenas a bitch can't stand her anymore and as for klaus and car I love them so much it was great.that car was still her self and I loved the picture at the end. Lol I love klaus elijah and bex so much!!! I just love the originals except for esther if she she kills them I will be super pissed!! I don't like that elijah is gonna have a thing for elena she's not that great..I think car is much better lol Matt wasnt super boring this ep ha as for the promo nxt week I looks pretty good I hope they don't dagger elijah again and I wanna see elenas reaction to damon and bex
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I like how now it's a 'bad' thing to have emotions

Ive never been one to hate on elena but after this episode I hate her so much like seriously all damon been doing for her and then he tells her he loves her and she says thats the problem...but whatever she doesn't deserve him and him and bex were super hot and to get to topic I kno What your saying I was didn't damon used to say that to you haha
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The Originals family thread

I still think damon has sex appeal I just think he is to worried about protecting elena so he rlly hasn't got the chance to show sexy damon and it also doesn't help when you have the gorgeous sexy originals around :) but hey I'm def. Not complaining!!!!
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