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I'm one of the Executive Producers and the so-called "showrunner" of Combat Hospital. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews of our show across the season. I'm sorry that you were frustrated by ABC's decision to skip episode 11, but when they realized they would have to end our season a week early (they told us that this was because of a news special) they thought it would be better to skip episode 11 than to skip last night's episode, 12, or next week's, episode 13. Global TV, our network in Canada (where the show is much more popular) decided to air episodes 11 and 12 back-to-back last night. Naturally I wish that they'd done that here in the US, but that was not to be. Episode 11 will also be available on Global's website, but only to Canadian viewers; I hope it will be available here in the States, but I don't know that as of now. In spite of your very understandable frustration with the missing episode, I hope you will tune in next week for the season finale, and I look forward as always to your comments about it. All the best, Dan Petrie, Jr.

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