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Keep asking ABC to bring it back, they might listen to viewers.


It is also hugely popular in Spain and in South America. But sadly, other country viewers do not buy the US products ABC is trying to sell. Not enough people to watch US ads, the stations take it off and put on some other popular garbage that does sell junk. It would be better for V to be on the CW or Space, where they are used to smaller audiences, and 5 million US viewers IS considered a good number of viewers.

V Review: "Uneasy Lies the Head"

WOW.... cold shower time. I love Hobbes so seeing him with no tight shirt on.... yummy. The show needed some sex (besides Lisa and Tyler, which is disturbing to watch). I don't like Hobbes and especially Erica becoming so ruthless and alienating (haha) Jack, but you'd have to be in a situation like this.
Sorry but I've never seen Jack getting together with Erica - he's a priest and doubt he'd have sexual feelings for her.
Marcus against Anna - interesting and yeah, totally out of nowhere.
Joshua coming back - excellent.
Does anyone really think they'll tell us who survives the "bloodbath"???????
If all episodes were like this one V would not be in danger. Please please write to ABC (handy Contact ABC link on their page) and ask for more. A proper final season would be good to have.

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