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It's weird. The first episode of Grey's I watched was where Mark was first introduced. I was hooked from that day on. I was so excited for this episode, but it turns out what I wanted comes next week. I balled my eyes out when Mark was dying, I say that I balled my eyes out when Lexie and George died. I hope next week is as good as I wanted this one to be. It was still good, just not how I wanted this season to start.


My guess is that it's Mark, as he wasn't looking so good at the end of Season 8. Out of all of them he was the worst. I'm going to hate to see him go as the first GA episode I ever watched was the one where we first met Mark so he means a lot to me and we can't have GA without McSteamy, where would the jokes with Avery be? And Sophia would be without a Dad. Over the past few seasons he has defiantly grown to be one of my favourites. It seems all my favourite characters get killed off these days.

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