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Steve & Kono would make a freaking awesome couple!!! You can practically see their chemistry oozing off the screen. For all the non-believers: just watch the episodes again and LOOK and the interaction between Steve and Kono. You don't need to look that hard to see it. All the small, discrete, glances....COME ON, the producers are freaking teasing us!!!!! Even on the banner at the top of this page. They look awesome together!!!
Also can be seen from some photoshoots, like:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... (read the comment under DarkBlazer641 to get the times for the Steve/Kono moments) ESPECIALLY 2:01 into the video. Definitely want them to get together in the show :) THAT would drastically make this show much better...MUCH BETTER....on the verge of PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

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