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Did You Have a Very Glee Christmas?

Glee is becoming annoying just like Rachel!!


Finally! Finally, Mark and Callie got together again! In my opinion they have feelings for each other. I hope this develops into something serious!!

The Lovely Leighton Meester

Leighton is just breath taking!

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Ed and Leighton seem to be THE biggest Chair fans

Yup. Some of the FINEST acting on GG occured in Ed/Leighton scenes, especially the ones with angst and passion. They sell it like nobody else.


Completely agree!!! 

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The password is MONKEYSLUT~

When do new episodes come on? I have to watch online but I'm not sure when I should expect a new link for an episode. I'm so excited lol


New episodes are on Thursday nights at 10pm London time I believe, so expect the a link to the episodes real soon...last time I checked at 4 or 5pm and it was already on the site I watch it on which is letmewatchthis.com

If anyone can provide better info for FamousCookie that would be great!


I heard the Christmas special will air on Monday. I'm happy that Misfits is still on now that many shows are on hiatus. But it's sad that after those episodes we'll have to wait like 10 months for the next series.


Cool thanks for the info bc I had no idea when the christmas episode would be on! Yeah waiting 10months is going to suck a lot, but this show is worth the wait no?


Cheers lol ( I was re-watching Skins season 1 and they say that a lot lol...season 1 and 2 are the best FYI lol well IMO lol.

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Dair LoveChild

Now that Leighton mentioned that she and the rest of the cast are contracted for two more years that just gives me hope that Dair would be a longer term relationship than a short-term relationship! Well I hope so!! I mean I love Chair but man Dair has won me over...ever since the first season I've secretly wanted them together lol

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