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Ok, this will be a response to Elysis13 First and foremost, let's remember that TVD is still relatively new so all we have seen is the lighter side of Stefan and the darker side of Damon. We have yet to see the paths that led them to where they are now. We've been given glimpses and peeks, but we don't know what exactly set Damon upon his path of destruction or Stefan on his path to redemption. Bear in mind, yes, Damon has hurt someone close to Elena and Jeremy would have died if not for the ring her wears but Stefan is responsible for the murder of his and Damon's father. Granted, Giuseppe Salvatore was responsible for shooting his sons, but given the era and the nature of the situation with the vampires, etc., small-minded time, opinions not as open or as evolved. By nature, vampires are merciless predators. There are those who choose to go against their nature. If we go by the books, as the show is loosely doing Stefan was a right bastard and Damon was the righteous one when they started out and the reversal of roles only came about over the next century and a half. Yes, we get it. Damon is not a saint, but please, don't think for a second, that Stefan is any better.

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