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So I guess I'm just looking for someone to guesswork with... the assassin in the first or second episode killed the kid that Chloe kissed, and the kid had time to go home and take his shirt off. Brian dies instantly? It could just be an error or an attempt to get some feedback on who the audience is for.
I am pro Alek, but I want to read the book, since rumor has it, Chloe ends up with Brian. Maybe the writers under-estimated the strength of the character and actor. Witty, cocky and yet heartfelt at times...too balanced for Brian to win. The kissing scene with Chloe and Alek had too much passion, it even caught Chloe by surprise. Killing Brian is not the answer to the love triangle that seems to be pissing most viewers off.
All Alek has to do now is scare off Zane and stop the bleeding (Jasmine), but I don't have much hope for her mom (Valencia). :(
All in all, I find the finale to have many cliff hangers and all that I have to say is that I hope the writers have a grand plan.

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