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Army Wives Trailer: Soldiering On...

I felt soooo bad for Catherine.......Shes wishing she wouldnt have sent her son too reinlist........He would still be alive.But Claudia Joy said thats what he wanted.Shes soooo devasted she cant be around it.The army at all. Catherine Bell her acting is sooooo good right now.Well shes a good actress.Also Roland Was excellent lastnight too.The way he cried on Joans shoulder.Hes a wonderful actor too.They all are the whole cast.I hope they have a 6th season.But Chase&Pamela getting back together lastnight.That was off the charts.There chemistry is phenomonal.I love the way the kids were sooooo excited.And than when they got the ring.For there mom.That was soooo cute.When they got engaged again.And there getting married again.