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maybe intentionally or unintentionally the PTB have done something amazing by casting the witches as strong black female characters on this show. i know bonnie gets a lot of grief because she is not on the side of the albeit dynamic vampires they have created of the show. but lines Lucy says like "vampires...pull you into it every time" (something Sheila/Grams also said before she died) and "I have to learn to stop letting these vampires control me" have added gravity to me since they are black characters and Mystic Falls is in the south. maybe i am reading too much into that, but can't help but see the historical implications of that. Emily (the most powerful in the Bennett bloodline) was also a slave...I hope they keep Bonnie and the Bennett line around for the duration, social commentary implications not withstanding; they are just part of my favorite part of the Vampire Diaries mythology