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Criminal Minds Review: Let Me Go ...

First, Gubler is incrdeibly talented as a director as this episode demonstrated. It would serve the show well to utilize him more often in that capacity. I found the episode to be a compelling send off for Prentiss, and, even though the faked death is somewhat cliche, it was still 1)the most efficient way to keep it open for PB to return, and 2) the best way to keep Prentiss safe until Doyle can be captured/eliminated. All in all, it was a great episode, but not perfect. I cringe everytime the cadet appears onscreen, and this ep was no exception. The BAU is supposed to be an elite unit that agents have to work for years to become a part of. A cadet is as far out of place there as it gets. The scene where she became nearly hysterical when Rossi asked for her "fresh eyes" perpective is one more example of what's wrong with the character. Anyone who would react so badly when pressed to make an important contribution to a profile, certainly couldn't be trusted to maintain her composure in a high stress field situation. And a mentally unstable agent is a danger to everyone around her. The cadet is a major fail! She is the dark cloud to an otherwise silver lining. I hope the producers realize how badly it hurts the show when the veteran characters have to be written out of character to accommodate an unnecessary addition to the cast. If Prentiss must be replaced, they need to bring in a character who meets the requirements of the BAU and is of the right mentality for the job. I apologise for the rant, but I want my CM back on track with profiling being the focus, and credible profilers doing the job!