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We were at the filming for this episode last Friday night and Chuck did not have his cane in any of the scenes. So I'm assuming sometime between episodes 2 and 3 he is cured of that infirmity! I also am glad to see this as a three episode thing. I read an interview with Ed somewhere and he said that Eva was his saviour in Prague. So my guess might be he is with her out of obligation. She finally realizes this and that he isn't completely over Blair and decides to return to France. Bye Bye!

"The Lost Boy": What Did You Think?

I absolutely loved this episode...I feel like every week we're getting closer to the Gossip Girl we all know and love! Chuck and Blair were the best(but I might be biased). I loved the witty banter and when she gave him the picture my heart melted a bit! I think they are setting up the season and things will finally get going now. Looking forward to next week!

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