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Glee Review: "Rumours"

Personally I think Finn needs to not date anyone for awhile. He should've never gone back to Quinn, that just showed he has no backbone after she cheated and lied to him. Rachel is too insecure and needs constant reassurance. I get why people love Santana & brittany together, but no one should dog Artie. Did he make a mistake, yes? But Santana has called Brittany names before and even now she is treating her terribly. Artie was getting cheated on but Santana knew what to say to Brittany so she wouldn't think of it that way. Honestly, most of the relationships on this show are less than healthy. Chang Squared and Kurt & Blaine are decent for now at least. And when did Santana and Sam breakup anyway? Did I miss it?

Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

I love Glee, but I really wish they'd give Mercedes some type of storyline that didn't involve food (Home & The Substitute) or destroying people's cars (Acafellas & The Substitute). Kurt, who is supposed to be her best friend ,just ups and leaves her. Now she gets to be the third wheel among a group where everyone else is paired up. I get that Kurt was getting bullied, and that was very good subject matter to address, but now what? What happens in the wake of all this? Oh I know, Mercedes will be happy with a large plate of tater tots and a shiny new vehicle to destroy.