I love fashion, GG and fashion again.

I graduated Sociology at the Bucharest University in Bucharest, I'm now doing my master's degree in Comunication and Public Relations. I'm 22 years old and I now work in publicity. I'm in a relationship with the most wonderful guy in the world and we live together.

Other than that, I'm an Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass fan.


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You're damn right they can't!! No way! She's just a little bitch!

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No way!! O, I hope Chuck won't do anything foolish with Jenny, it would kill Blair, plus... JENNY DOESN'T DESERVE A GUY LIKE CHUCK, she doesn't even deserve Nate if you ask me... Chair fan forever...


I can already see how the following quote will e one of the best this ep.: J: Dirty Dancing?
S: You should download it some time! :)) super real, because a 16 years old wouldn't know the movie! But I still wonder how do the producer thin k that we can believe a self supported student like Vanessa can ever afford those clothes??? kiss