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Someone told me to look into Jimmy Palmer,s life; Ducky's assistant. Apparently, he could be a person of interest. He always seems so gentle and innocent, but, we all well know that looks are deceiving sometimes. Could anyone think of him as a spy. The ones who put transplanted in the team are Albin, the Giant, and, EJ Barett. So, who wants to wager on Jimmy. I myself can't think of how he could be. But maybe he's smarter than he looks, we don't know anything about him outside from seeing him on the program, and that he's a simple assistant. Maybe that's why we don't think of him that way. What a bummer it would turn out to be. actually think it has to be someone higher in the chain. I'd have fun reading feedback...'


I'm honestly confused, that's a rarety...I would think thst the capsule contains information to be sold, and, if EJ stays in or around Washington, there's a specific reason. As to NCIRAY could be suspect, he's so mysterious. I also remember Ducky playing a role of spy i U,N.C.L.E , IN THE 60'S. I remember, I always watched it. I did have a thought towards that. I guess we' ll have to watch for hints here and there, or just wait for season 9. Have a nice season everyone...'


At first. I was thinking it was CIA Ray, then Someone went on talking of Jimmy Palmer, Duckie's Assistant, looks so innocent but is he really??? I want to think that Tony is looking at E.J. Barett, he knows her better than the others, he's actually slept and had a while with her, he is in better place to know her and alot more. Could it be Vance, I for one wish it is, maybe we can all get to see him caught or displaced for good...Ducky used to be a spy in another world, long ago,,, Anyway, we'll know fast enough, another sizzling season ahead, can't wait... I'd be sad tp know it is a favorite. I can only hope Vance or Barett did something, the rest I don't judge, I love them all, What a TEAM,FAMILY !!!!
I think they are all Five stars ***** heroes to me...
Diane A Canada

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