Well, hello to whoever is reading this! I'm dinofigg. I sort of took a break from grey's last season. i was way involved with the burktina forum in the summer of 2007 & i'm now just getting back into the swing of things! i can honestly say i'm excited for this season...i already love hunt ;)

hmm, let's see. about me...
well, i go to stanford university & i'm studying to be a surgeon. i plan on going to hopkins medical school once i finish my undergrad here at stanford. i loveee grey's anatomy, except for Season 4 lol. my all-time favorite character is Burke. i still watch s1-s3 on dvd and completely love him. : ) well, that's it for me !

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Why is everyone so negative? Seriously, we all knew George's death was coming. We had a whole summer to deal with it. The funeral scene - that's how they deal with the bad & the awful. People who are saying "oh, I hated the funeral scene!" yeah, what were you expecting? Some huge sobbing fest? Have our core characters ever overly displayed their emotions? Definitely not Mer, Cristina, or Alex. Izzie...well, she made it clear in season 2 that she cries at funerals. So I'm really not shocked or disappointed with the funeral scene. Expecting anything more would mean you don't really understand the characters. Sure, the episode had a little too much going on at one time, but I'm sure it'll even out soon. Everyone needs to just give it some time. Obviously if you're here posting (or reading this comment), Grey's hasn't let you down yet! So stop being negative and relax - Grey's has done so much for us through the years, we deserve to give it a chance! Sorry if I seem rude or insensitive, it's just hard reading comments saying, "so disappointing" or "terrible". Look at the good in the episode, there was plenty of it.