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Okay, so here's my scenario that I think would work well...
I think Callie dies, leaving Arizona, who will then make the decision to take that trip with her friend to be with him in his final days. This would leave Mark as the sole guardian of Sofia.
Recently Mark has been presented with the opportunity to be with Julia, who now is pressing the issue of having a baby. Lexi confessed her Love for Mark, which has left him with a tough decision to make.
So... Now that Mark has to care for Sofia alone, he will dismiss his relationship with Julia. However, Lexi will now have the opportunity to, not only be with Mark, but to make up for her biggest mistake of leaving him in the past when he found out he had a daughter from a relationship many years ago.
Now, mer and der, yang and Owen (because she will stay after this traumatic experience), mark and Lexi will all be back together... Kerev will stay due to Arizonas absence, and April will be hired back since Callie is no longer there. Oh, and Jackson and April will become a couple and Kerev and Morgan will possible become an item.
This may sound crazy, but it would be a heartbreaking season finale and will be a good set up for next season!

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