Dont mock the scarf

Distance Makes Them Stronger.

Don't Mock The Scarf. It's his signature.

Don't Mock The Suspenders. They match Blair's outfits.

Don't Mock The Shorts&Suspenders. Chairsexftw.

Dun.Mock.Teh.Srsbsns. GG is srs bsns.

Don't Mock The Scrooge. Happy holidays.

Don't Mock The Shades. B is not amused.

D Most Tenacious Ship. ENDGAME.

Distance Makes Them Stronger. (icon)

What does your ship do?



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Dont mock the scarf

No, THIS IS THE PERSON who spilled the beans. And the only reason that showed up on Tumblr and you are able to post it here is that someone tirelessly keeps an eye on Instagram and shared that news with fellow fans. You should at least learn to check your facts sources before making "spoiler articles" out of it.

Dont mock the scarf
Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

The question should have been Who is your favorite Teen Drama couple? Blair Cornelia Waldorf and Charles Bartholomew Bass, no doubt. There is no comparison.

Dont mock the scarf

Cannot frigging WAIT for the first Chair scene of the season.