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Okay I am not happy about this. Before Emily joined the team there was a disconnect with Elle and Gideon and the rest of the team. They work really well together and this new subtraction/addition is going to change the dynamic of the team unnecessarily, if it isn't broke why fix it? Personally, I was looking forward to a romantic Morgan/Prentiss relationship. It's so evident they have something more than a partnership! What can I do to plea my case to the writer's? I really don't want to stop watching!


I love this show! Only started watching during the marathon last week. I'm so glad I tuned in. It's refreshing to see the characters react as everyday people would under the circumstances, so relateable. My favorite scene was with Kyle and Evan, it was unexpected to see Evan display the hurt he felt as his brother not as an uncle or brother-in-law.
How dare Kyle say you're not the easiest person to come home too, Riley's reaction was spot on. Although violence is never the solution at least she was able to release some of the anger instead of falling back into his arms as traditional drama writing would have it.
I think the sheriff showed up because of the alarm. But I do believe he's the one that told Kyle about Riley being in trouble, noone else knows that would contact him other than Selena and she could care less if Riley's two worlds collide.
I know this is about the season finale but since I just joined I must comment on the kiss between Riley and Evan, it was the most passionate kiss I've seen on tv in years. Evans linger after the kiss was complete pulled at my heart strings and I saw the love he's buried for her in the years they've known each other. Can't wait for next season,

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