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Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

Loved it. REALLY loved it. Loved the beginning. Loved his inability to stay out of the way. Loved how she was conflicted about him not being a part of the investigation and was reluctant to keep him out of loop once he crashed it. Only didn't love Pi, but he's there to to push buttons and doing a good job of it. Loved Ryan and Espo. Can't wait for next week. We know he won't die, so there's that....

Major Crimes Review: Prognosis, Homicide

I loved it! It was so wonderful to see people we grew up with in the 70s. Tim Conway is/was an absolute master of ad libbing. I don't know how much of his courtroom quote that you include was scripted, but I can truly imagine him adding in the whole bit about the cries for help petering out. I had to rewind and watch it a few times. I understand it didn't move any of the main characters stories, although one might argue there isn't much to move for the most part. I loved the homage to these grand actors/actresses. I wish more shows would show them the love and respect that Major Crimes did tonight. After all, without them, TV would not be what it is today.

Castle Review: The Billionaire's Kiss

@gardono Wow, I sure didn't have that takeaway from "Limey". The guy was on his way to the airport and had time for a quick drink. She was feeling lonely and blue over how things were(n't) going with Rick and called to take him up on the drink invite. I never in a million years assumed she'd slept with the guy and frankly would be shocked if she had. Not that he wasn't gorgeous, but sometimes a drink is just a drink!

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