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Yay! So glad it's going back to the original three for the focus. The ones that the show is about and make me watch! My Ideas: Meredith will either get pregnant or get married to adopt Alex will get chief resident (or that is what i hope) Cristina will have a fall out with Owen - maybe suggest a break / divorce? Those two have been too comfortable in the drama boat that is grey's. I think they are due for their dose :D

Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode: Confirmed!

I adore Sara's singing but i still only have three words ...
God Awful Idea


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh! So fed up with this storyline, when is she going to come back, stop blaming mer and start being the old cristina!? Shonda, this isn't interesting, its frustrating!!!!!

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Should Season 8 be the last season?

Ok, suppose that ellen and patrick wanted to renew their contracts. should they? I LOVE the show, don't get me wrong but, in my opinion, its seems to have almost run its course. It has changes since season 1 obviously, characters develop and evolve, BUT this latest season has just seemed so thrown together and formulaic - the pregnancies, the marriages, the cheating? i still enjoyed the season, but not nearly as much as previous ones. I think i would prefer the show to end on a high, rather than continue forever and ever.

What does everyone else think? Should it end season 8? or do you think grey's is still on top of its game?


Just wondering :D

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Someone finally caught onto TVD's "habit" of copying certain shows

i agree with pink! It was NOT rape. Talk about overdramatic. and in regards to buffy, yes they may have some things in common but i seriously doubt that the writers of TVD deliberately watched buffy, thought 'hmm thats a good scene, i'll take that!' - they overlap, most storylines have been done before. people know and love buffy just as they know and love tvd. they are not the same show and those scenes had different impacts on the plot lines. its an interesting analysis between shows but thats it. they are DIFFERENT - a couple of the same scenes doesn't make it a copy!

That is just my opinion, and i like both shows! :D

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THE MUSIC EVENT : liked it, hated it ? please answer these questions :) (Episodes)

Answered your survey! :)

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