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Horray for old Damon but let's hope old Stefan stays in the closet. Having a 4th season even close to the first, when Stefan and Elena did nothing but hugging and loving and smiling and saying boring thing would simply b unbereable!!
Ask Paul Wesley if Stefan is going to stay as we've seen him in the third season! Finally with some nerve!


Finally an episode worth-watching! I have to say the last few episode had left me quite bored, in fact it took me some days to find the time to watch this one.
First of all, definitely loved Dark-laric! I think this two-faced character really gave Matt Davis the chance to show how good he can play! So thumbs up..
As for the love tringle, it was obvious we all needed some sex (thanks Caroline and Tyler btw). Damon and Elena have a good chemistry and it's nice to see them togheter but, on the other side, the authors simply can't keep showing this undecided, unbereable Elena. I mean, that's crazy, she kisses him (and then, can't be missed, she cleary smirks with satisfaction) and then starts questioning and thinking about it. Only problem is things should be done in reverse! First you think, then you act. Ok, she's trying to choose...but you cannot play with these doormat-vampires anymore...so, yes, it definitely makes me wanna pull out her hair and tell her "come on, be an adult for once in your life, do things and be damn well prepared to face the consequences!" ok, I just wrote too much! Now let's wait for next thursday!
Oh, I liked the idea of Esther and bad Alaric working togheter..finally something new!

Break on Through

Super agree with Chris. To be true I'm not so intrigued by this new love (or should I say sex) triangle they seem to be coming up with next week. I'd like to see more of the old charachters rather than new ones. What about Caroline? And where's Klaus with that sexy english accent? And btw...how could Sage be in love with Finn? Come on...he has the appeal of a rock! I think he's the worst amog the originals, even Kol is funnier!
I hope next episodes will be more thrilling, maybe things are just kind of standing still in the middle of the season for evolving toward the season finale! Let's wait for next thursday!