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When Is Dr. Preston Burke Returning??? (Site Suggestion)

yes, bring Dr. Burke back to Seatle Grace.  He and Christina had such strong chemestry between them one could cut it with a knife.  Their relationship was so interesting to watch, so serious yet so playful at times.  also the relationship he had with Derrick was amusing to me.  They respected each other yet Burke's behaviour towards Derrick seemed as though he felt himself superior to Derrick...and Derrick would just play along. i miss Preston Burke

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Season finale (Episodes)

What a finale that was!!! OMG!!! i cried and cried, i screamed and screamed, i cursed and cursed...OMG,  never have i been so drawn into anything on tv like i was watching the 2 hrs of Greys last night.  even the choice of music was excellent...the scene when Bailey realized the elevators were shut off and walked off to give herself some time to accept the fact that Charles was going to die - the music in that scene was awesome and perfect.  Miranda Bailey was truly awesome in this episode.  Christina, oh Christina...what a performance from Christina!! and what true friends Mer and her are to each other.  The scene where she bumped into Dr. Avery and told him she was on her way to find one of the docs to operate on Derrick...then they looked into each other's eyes communicating the fact that they both knew she was talented enough to perform the surgery...what a moment that was when she believed she could do it  and took charge...and then her performance in the OR when the gunman had the gun to her head.  Christina, there is no other character like you on tv...don't ever leave the show.  and i do so love Dr. Avery. He's so calm, so supportive and positive, not to mention his hotness.  I felt a little sorry for mark when Lexie was telling Karev that she loved him and will never leave him.  I did not expect such an awesome finale.  Thank you Shonda and the other writers who helped to deliver the best finale of all time!!

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