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Our Father

In the near end of this episode (32th min onwards), Arthur time-travelled??? to get the catalyst from Hiro. When did Arthur learn to time travel???!!! I only know he could time-travel AFTER he took away the Catalyst and Hiro's Power Together in this episode, so Before this, how did Arthur Time-Travelled 16 years back???!!! I remember that in the beginning of episode 9, Arthur brainwashed Hiro, turning Hiro into 10-yr old kid, BUT Arthur DID NOT take away Hiro's Time-Travel Power YET...

Heroes Review: "Brother's Keeper"

There is one thing that I don't get it in the beginning of this episode. When the Haitian visited Peter and Nathan(Sylar in Shapeshifting), i was expecting the shapeshifting ability to be turned off and revealing sylar, but it did not...shouldn't the presence of the Haitian turns off all abilities???