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Jessica Szohr Supports Water, Skinsuits

@TheGreyOne A big applause for your comment. You are so right... Can I add, and not because of the rest of comments which are fine, I always wonder why people bash an actor when they don't like the character he/she portraits. Even if he/she's not doing anything bad at all. I wish Jessica was treated like Leighton for example, she releases a so-so song and gets praises everywhere. And some people gets that's unfair, but some don't Anyway she is stunning here! and unless you have an unhealthy absurd angst against her, she should be supported here. So great job and keep it up Jessica!

Is Blake Lively Dating Ryan Gosling?

Hehe she almost didn't make it in... like her character in the Saints and Sinners party. The irony of fate.
If they're together, good for them. If she's not with Penn, at least she deserves to be with a good guy. And he seems to be one of them

Taylor Momsen: High-Class Hooker Chic!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/se... An interview to her in the Live Lounge on the BBC, she explains the Rihanna thing and sings a couple of songs -one of them is a cover of The way you lie. It was posted in the forum earlier, I just repost in case you wanted to know :)
Oh and personally I retract myself from what I said before