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As I Lay Dying

I really want Caroline and Tyler to get together!!!!


Please not Caroline!!! I love Caroline and Tyler!!!!

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New Ausiello Spoiler regarding paternity (Spoilers)

I have to say leighton looks heaps better wiht extensions! finally good to see her hair actually looking like it used to in season 1! Although it isnt as good as season 1 its definetly better than season 3, 4 and what we have seen of 5

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Promo 5x04 (Spoilers)

Good Pickup Juliette!!! It must be another dair kiss!!!

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Anyone whose seen the premiere (Spoilers)

Chuck and Blair had sex! it was clear in the final episode!

Just because their was a few small hints in the first episode does not mean that dan is the father!


Watch this! Dan clearly says that he was the last one too... kiss her!!!! unlike chuck who confirms they went all the way. In saying this i could definetly see the writers making the baby dans but i just dont see it as a realistic plotline as it wouldve had to have been in season 4. and in episode 17 of season 4 a huge deal is made about the "kiss" why would that be but than the fact that they have sex is completly disregarded and never mentioned till the convienent moment of when blair needs a father for her baby!

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