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@V: Thank you so much for clarifying what IsabelleFTW was saying. In "Gaslit", Chuck was reassuring Blair that she made the right decision to take a "break" from them. It was obvious Chuck was still in love with her and it pained him to be around her too long. He could have easily taken advantage of the situation and gotten Blair back. That would've been a horrible thing to do. Man, when the mob turns against a character, they certainly turn hard, don't they? @Shannon: We're quite aware who runs the series and, with all due respect, if this team continues doing a terrible job of plotting, writing and directing GG, I WILL call them out on it. What are we supposed to do, pray tell? Praise them for running this series into the ground? If you'd like to do that, more power to you. But I'm personally not going to start heaping false praise on this abomination. F that.


Oh jesus. This second part of the season sounds EXACTLY like the season half of last season- except with slightly different players. I really hope the finale does revolve around Serena and that isn't just bs hot air Safran is blowing - as per usual. I hate how much Safran is downplaying the Chair relationship. "The specter of Chuck"- okay, appropriate sentiments if they had really been "off" all season but she was just declaring her undying love for him. Whatever. I actually did like that Safran asked us shippers to be polite to one another but then I thought about how much he's played into this "war" and I just got more annoyed with him... @Amygirl: haha! Awesome comment and so very true. That boy has 9 lives, I swear. @Maribells- Word to all of your posts. Very well said! I'll be laughing my ass off along with you if that's true!

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the finale!

 I'm just not gonna buy this girl running a company when she can't the shit in her personal life together.


I know! That came off as completely effing mad on Eleanor's part. Blair's going into her 4th year of undergrad? How's about we start with an internship to learn the ropes? Nope! Gotta complete that powerful woman arc we never really started! The short cuts in storytelling this show takes are unreal.

Goodman wrote the finale and is now the new showrunner so I have zero hope for season 6, lol.

Ah shit! lol. I don't have much hope for anything satisfying either tbh. At least GG should keep delivering on the lulz. I do wonder how involved Safran was in the plotting of the finale though.


Lmfao @ those gifs. That kids rant was hilarious! Seriously what the hell was the point of the finale? To fuck everything up beyond belief, alienate even more viewers and tack on a Chair reunion so poorly written and conceived that even their fans aren't all that excited for the last season?? Uh mission accomplished, folks!

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the finale!

Another CB fan who wasn't a fan of the finale here! I knew the damage would be bad when Safran was banging on about dropping bombs on the UES or whatever but DAMN! Literally every character except Rufus and boring NoLa did/said something shitty and it left a really bad taste in my mouth. I hated seeing Blair and Serena trying to ruin each others lifes, Serena tricking Dan into the Derena having sex, Bart being ~evil (him being alive at all, for that matter)...gah I hated it all! I actually enjoyed scheming Lily a few episodes ago but her interactions with Rufus and Bart made no sense here. Is Matthew Settle leaving the show or something?? Good for her him, if so.


Dan and Blair deserved a proper break-up. I wasn't clear- did she try to end it via e-mail? Right after saying she still wanted be in a relationship with him???? That's just cold. I wanted Chuck and Blair to have a conversation to hash everything out, and I think there was an attempt with the rooftop scene on Chuck's, but the writing was too poor so it came off too angry and their actual issues were overshadowed by that dumb BI twist. I would've been fine with the "all in" metapor (though ITA- hope that's not Blair's $$)/casino scene IF there was sufficient build-up to it but there wasn't. And while I wouldn't mind, if not outright prefer, a few episodes with Chair as friends next season, I certainly don't want Blair to grovel!! No just...no.


This may be an unpopular opinion but I also didn't like Blair inheriting Waldorf Designs out of nowhere. Ok so what? Let's skip all the hard work and the schooling and make her a "powerful woman" by dropping a company in her lap?? The fuck? I really wanted Blair to work on herself and be single for a while, honestly.


I'll watch next year to see how this all pans out with a new show runner and a reduced episode order. I hope they can focus and undo the bullshit that was unleashed in this episode. 

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Anyone laugh their heads off when Blair listed her top 3 personal must haves in a relationship/significant other? Good sex, personal hygiene and earning potential. My inner monologue went a little something like: Chuck... Chuck. Chuck! Also loved Serena trolling on Dair in the Rome interview scene but I'm super paranoid it's all leading to a DSB cliffhanger and season 6. Which would be absolutely terrible. If the girls have to fight over someone, I rather they reprise Nate as more than wallpaper or even bring back Russell Thorpe...jesus, anyone but DAN and his (amazingly lolworthy) hair!
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