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@V: Thank you so much for clarifying what IsabelleFTW was saying. In "Gaslit", Chuck was reassuring Blair that she made the right decision to take a "break" from them. It was obvious Chuck was still in love with her and it pained him to be around her too long. He could have easily taken advantage of the situation and gotten Blair back. That would've been a horrible thing to do. Man, when the mob turns against a character, they certainly turn hard, don't they? @Shannon: We're quite aware who runs the series and, with all due respect, if this team continues doing a terrible job of plotting, writing and directing GG, I WILL call them out on it. What are we supposed to do, pray tell? Praise them for running this series into the ground? If you'd like to do that, more power to you. But I'm personally not going to start heaping false praise on this abomination. F that.


Oh jesus. This second part of the season sounds EXACTLY like the season half of last season- except with slightly different players. I really hope the finale does revolve around Serena and that isn't just bs hot air Safran is blowing - as per usual. I hate how much Safran is downplaying the Chair relationship. "The specter of Chuck"- okay, appropriate sentiments if they had really been "off" all season but she was just declaring her undying love for him. Whatever. I actually did like that Safran asked us shippers to be polite to one another but then I thought about how much he's played into this "war" and I just got more annoyed with him... @Amygirl: haha! Awesome comment and so very true. That boy has 9 lives, I swear. @Maribells- Word to all of your posts. Very well said! I'll be laughing my ass off along with you if that's true!