17 year old girl living the teenage life while obsessing over TV-series. Glee, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Community, The Big Bang Theory...You name it, I'm watching it (as long as it's any good). I think WAY to much and series are the only thing that makes me fully relax. I don't smoke or do drugs but i shop like a maniac and watch series like a caffeine infused Sheldon Cooper!

Besides TV-series, fashion is currently my greatest obsession so me being a Gossip Girl fan kind of goes without saying. xoxo



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The Vampire Diaries Review: Not Having a Ball

LOVED this episode. Put a lot of effort in trying not to scream of excitement. Liked the whole masquerade theme and I have to say Paul Wesley looked even hotter with a mask. And the whole Bonnie/Jeremy romance gave the entire story the touch of romance that is the reason why i adore this show. But in the end i have to say that i kinda hate Elena for not taking Stefan back and blaming it on her love for her family. If she loves them so much she should let them take care of themselves and rather focus on her future which HAS TO BE Stefan. Please Elena, please!....