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Glee to Graduate, Replace Cast Members?

I don't think I'll keep watching when they graduate, but you never know. Everyone in New Directions are juniors, right, so maybe Ryan Murphy should bring in someone younger next season, so they'll overlap a little.

Glee Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!

I've found the harassing of Rachel really disturbing for a long time, but this episode put it over the edge. It's not okay to treat someone that way, and that Will is in on it is awful. Teachers aren't supposed to openly loathe their students. I wanted to punch him in the face when I watched this. It's not the same as the bullying of Kurt, with the death threat and all, but the verbal abuse that she takes is seriously bad, and in some ways more damaging than what Kurt went through, because she has no one to support and care about her. I secretly hope Jesse will come back to get her.
I love Rachel, I know she's annoying and a drama queen and all, but she's also adoreable in her own way, and even though I agree that there are other talents in that group, Rachel is the best, and she should have one song. And, come on, if someone besides Rachel and Finn should sing solo, it's not Quinn, Sam and Santana (Will seem to like cheerios and footballplayers best), but Artie, Puck, Mercedes and Tina.
And the Emma thing was dumb. I'm only happy she looked unhappy at the end.
Santana is an awful character. They need to give her some depth, some positive sides, or cut her. The only good things were: Rachel and Kurt, I super love them! Most interesting relationship on Glee ever. And she was so cute supporting him when he was on stage. Don't cry for me Argentina was really gorgeous.
Artie giving Brittany his magical comb. Adoreable! I actually like them together. All things Brit were good actually. Very cute character.
Tina and Mercedes singing Florence and the Machine. Very cool.

Glee Round Table: "The Substitute"

I liked the episode. I didn't like that Gwyneth had three songs, though, she's a great actress and she can sing, but she isn't that good. It's a bit weird that she had all those songs and so much focus on her character, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Mentzel, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff didn't and they're all AMAZING. I actually thought Hot Honey rag was cute, I liked to see Lea dance. She's adoreable.
I miss Rachel. She was so charming and amazing last season, with all the beautiful songs she did and all the amazing storylines. I don't get why she hasn't had a story yet this season, Lea Michele is amazing, and I sort of thought she (and Matthew and Cory) were the leads. I hope they will shift the focus back to these characters, and get some flow in the storylines. And, although I adore Kurt, I don't think the show should focus so much on him in every episode.